5 Benefits of Buying Mochila Wayuu Bags

5 Benefits of Buying Mochila Wayuu Bags

By Vivian Yu-Cen Zheng

Purchases are not always about paying money to get an intangible product. The Wayuu bag - a handcrafted accessory -  crocheted by the Wayuu indigenous artisans of Colombia, is a form of art that deserves more attention and preservation.

Now you can have a beautiful bag to match your daily outfit while supporting a community of talented artisans! ❤️

Here are 5 benefits of buying Mochila Wayuu bags that you need to know:

1. Versatility: It matches you every day in every way.

Mochila Wayuu Bags are colorful and have unique patterns. You can easily show your style with them. No matter what outfit you feel like wearing today, the Wayuu bag will complete your look. We got a great variety of options in sizes, colors and designs to offer a Mochila Wayuu for everyday needs. 

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2. Culture maintenance: It helps the Wayuu community to keep functioning and preserve their culture.

As technology evolves every day, keeping tradition is getting harder. That is why we dedicate ourselves to preserving the Wayuu culture. Just like other indigenous communities, the Wayuu is also rich in art, and their artworks are the most prominent evidence of the spirit in the culture.

We can learn to appreciate the tradition by heart, or we can also support the community through real actions. Buying from the community can help keep it moving, and will eventually lead to helping protect its culture.

3. Story: It tells the story of the Wayuu people through every piece of work.

Every piece of the Wayuu bag is handcrafted with love and respect, and the story behind every bag is what makes it unique. It means more than a simple accessory when you carry it with you. The history and story are the reasons why these purchases of bags are more meaningful. The story and techniques behind every bag deserve to be known by more people around the world.

4. Support: It financially helps the community and offers job opportunities.

Making and trading Mochila Wayuu Bags is one of the major sources of Wayuu’s economic activity. If there is a need in the market, it will definitely create more job openings in the community. With the fair trade environment that we create for the artisans, you can help the Wayuu people improve their quality of life by buying their beautifully made bags.

5. Talent recognition: It proves the talent of Wayuu artisans.

Nothing proves Wayuu artisans’ talents better than the artwork itself. With every purchase of the Wayuu bag, the chances of them being known by people are higher. The technique is not just a gift that is inherent in the community, rather it is one that deserves to be seen.

Make yourself part of this journey

Thinking about having a Wayuu bag of your own? At Indiarts Collective, we have a wide selection of these artworks. Under our fair trade system, we guarantee that every artisan is fully respected and getting what they deserve.


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