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Belts Decorated with Mola Embroidery

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Our Mola belts are decorated with Mola. They have a double layer strap with the Mola and drill to make them thick and strong, plus, it has a leather loop and a steel buckle. Get a fun, unique belt to give a colour splash to your outfit!

Molas are a handmade embroidery designed by the women from the Kuna indigenous community in Colombia and Panama. These are created using the technique of reverse application. All molas are one-of-a-kind since each artist has their own unique style, which makes each purse a distinct and eye-catching creation. 

* Note! Each belt is one of a kind due to its Mola decoration.  


Product care

  • Be gentle with me! Use a cloth dampened with water to lightly wipe down and clean the molas
  • Air dry

Understand the sizing of our belts referring to the table below:

Size Chart for Belts

Numerical Belt Size

28- 32




General Belt Size





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