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Mexican Leather Shoes, Flats/Sandals (Huaraches). Colorful Summer Shoes

Mexican Leather Shoes, Flats/Sandals (Huaraches). Colorful Summer Shoes

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Huarache sandals have been popular for decades, but their history goes back hundreds of years, long before Europeans arrive to Mexico. Their common name is derived from the word “kwarachi,” which is the word that the Purépecha people of Michoacán use for “sandal.”

Originally, Huarache sandals were created to allow Mexican farmers to protect their feet while working at the crops.

We got various designs of huaraches shoes/sandals including one with custom made sole with a heel. These shoes are made of fine cow leather, traditionally tanned and manually made using archaic tools and ancestral techniques. We work directly with a cooperative of artisans from Chiapas, Mexico that puts great care and love in the making of these shoes. They got a quality rubber sole with a good grip.

Huarache will mold by use- they stretch. So, we recommend ordering one size down to your regular size. 

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