Reusable Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket. (Adults & Kids)

Reusable Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket. (Adults & Kids)

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These face masks are made with cotton fabric, they have a pocket sewn in to hold an additional filter. These are handmade in a small family business in Bogota, Colombia. This is currently their only source of income. These are comfortable, reusable and well made! Due to their material, they are washable and will last you for a very long time. Each mask comes with 2 filters; however, when needing to replace the filter, you can use natural options like coffee filters or paper towels. We got kids' and adults' options.


Disclaimer: not meant to replace medical-grade PPE'S!




Please wash before use!


These masks are made with 3 layers of cotton fabric and they work as a barrier for droplets. For most people, this mask filtration level should be enough. 


No mask is 100% effective, however, when worn properly, wearing a mask helps to reduce the spread of viruses. Never forget to combine the use of mask use with social distancing and regular hand washing. Follow the recommended instructions bellow of the best care for this product.


Product care


-          Wash by hand with warm water and soap (preferable) machine washable also.


-          Air dry


-          If iron, use low temperature


* Make sure to use a filter as the fabric on its own doesn't work much.




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