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Suede Leather Backpack- Mola Decoration

Suede Leather Backpack- Mola Decoration

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These backpacks are the perfect size to take around town and carry everything you might need in a day outside. Great for travelling or for daily use around town.

Each backpack is one of a kind since its mola decoration are all unique pieces. 

A mola is a handmade embroidery designed by the women from the Kuna indigenous community in Colombia and Panama. The molas are created using the technique of reverse application. All molas are one-of-a-kind since each artist has their own unique style, which makes each purse a distinct and eye-catching creation. Click here  to learn more about these amazing ancestral designs.

 * Our leather is a byproduct of the animals raised for their meat and it is chrome-free.


Lenght- 30 cm (12.6') x 36 cm (14.2') x  13 cm (5.1')



Suede leather 

Mola pattern 


Product Care

  • To keep the leather looking fresh remove built-up dirt by wiping it down with a leather cleaner
  • Keep wear and tear at bay by giving your bag a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth every other day
  • Be gentle with me! Use a cloth dampened with water to lightly wipe down and clean the molas
  • Lay flat and air dry
  • Hang to storage it to avoid making the leather wrinkle