Small Mola

Small Bag Mola Decorated

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This fabulous small purse is lightweight and is the perfect size for carrying just the necessities. Its 3 pockets have zipper closure to keep your belongings safe inside your purse. Plus, with its one open outside pocket there’s easy access to essentials such as your phone and lipstick. With its adjustable strap you can choose to wear it cross-body or off your shoulder for versatile wear.

This purse is decorated with a mola, a handmade embroidery designed by the women from the Kuna indigenous community in Colombia and Panama. The molas are created using the technique of reverse application. All molas are one-of-a-kind since each artist has their own unique style, which makes each purse a distinct and eye-catching creation.

Dimension: 16.5 cm X 22.5 cm

100% smooth leather

100% original Kuna’s mola patterns

Product Care

  • To keep the leather looking fresh remove built-up dirt by wiping it down with a leather cleaner
  • Keep wear and tear at bay by giving your bag a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth every other day
  • Be gentle with me! Use a cloth dampened with water to lightly wipe down and clean the molas
  • Lay flat and air dry
  • Hang to storage it to avoid making the leather wringle