The Making-Tagua Jewelry

We have added a beautiful jewelry line to our collection. We are mostly focusing on jewelry made from natural sources including Tagua nut, seeds and wool.

All our products are directly sourced from selected Colombian small family businesses or independent artisans who handcraft each piece and create jewelry made with love and care. We play with the combination of colors to create fun, colorful and distinctive pieces!

What is Tagua?

Tagua is a nut from a palm tree called Phytelephas aequatorialis, or literally, “plant elephant” and is commonly referred to as “vegetable ivory”. This can only grow in the South American Rainforest in the countries of Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Tagua has been exploded since colonial times; and using Tagua beads for creating handcrafts and as an adornment is part of an ancient tradition practiced by artisan families till these days.

Tagua is a hard, durable and sustainable nut which is considered as one of the best options to replace ivory ornaments. This is an eco-friendly material as it is a renewable resource; in fact, a Tagua tree continuously produces about three crops a year (each crop produces up to 15 Tagua nuts) and this production continues for over a hundred years!

Why you should give a Tagua to your loved ones?

Among indigenous communities of South America, Tagua nuts represent sacred, feminine energy. Every member of a tribe would be gifted a Tagua nut to wear. The belief is that the nut maintains harmony among family members and friends. 

The Process of Tagua bids

  • The Tagua fruit is collected from the trees and dried for four up to eight weeks, after which period they become hard
  • Shells are cracked to extract the nuts, and each nut is cleaned and shaped as desired
  • The Tagua is dye in the desired colors
  • After dyed, the nut is again exposed to the sun for one week to two weeks (depends if the season is rainy or dry)
  • Finally, after drying up the nut the artisan uses sealers to hold the color before polishing the nut

Now the Tagua beads are ready for artisans to put together beautiful and creative designs!


Tagua Nut