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Artisanal Pet Collars- Otomi Embroidery

Artisanal Pet Collars- Otomi Embroidery

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The decoration on this unique, funky pet accessory is handwoven in Mexico by the indigenous artisans of the Otomi community. 

Otomi embroidery can actually be traced back to pre Aztec Meso-America with the symbolism, iconography and color ways of the pieces reflecting the time-honoured traditions and beliefs of the Otomi people. 

The artisans inspired on their culture legends and the region’s diverse natural resources. Each piece is incredibly detailed; the design is first drawn on and then embroidered entirely by hand. 

By purchasing our products, you will make your pet look unique and awesome while supporting a Mexican artisan community livelihood.


Small (23-31 cm/ 9"- 12")
Medium (32-42 cm/ 12.5"- 16.5")
Large (42-52 cm/16.5"- 20.5")



  • Vegan leather

  •  Cotton embroidery decoration


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