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100% Baby Alpaca Scarves (natural dyes)

100% Baby Alpaca Scarves (natural dyes)

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Our baby alpaca scarves are made by a cooperative of weavers, all women from the Aymara indigenous community of Tarapacá in the Chilean highlands. The aymara textile tradition keeps alive ancestral technologies, whose use of iconography, colors and kisas function as bearers of a language typical of this culture. These textiles reflect a lifestyle, customs, traditions, and the identity of an entire culture.
The artisans keep the textile heritage alive transmitting from generation to generation ancestral weaving techniques, which give rise to unique garments of great beauty and great cultural value.

Width: 60 cm/ (23") 
Length: 2 meters/ (48")

  • 100% baby Alpaca Wool & vegetable dyes from Chilean highlands

Product care
Gently wash in warm water with a mild soap (mild shampoo will do) and thoroughly rinse in water of the same temperature
While supporting the weight of the wet garment lay it on a dry towel
On a flat surface lay the product in a dry towel until thoroughly air-dried