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Diamond Mexican Blankets, Boho, Rustic Style

Diamond Mexican Blankets, Boho, Rustic Style

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These blankets are woven with a pedal manual loom in a cooperative of artisans in San Cristobal de Las Casa, Chiapas – Mexico. These have an intricate traditional diamond pattern and are of versatile use.

Great piece to use for home decor, wall decoration,  rug, and bedding/sofa cover. 

Perfect for your everyday outdoor activity including going to a park, beach, concert, picnic or to cover up during colder days outside or inside. Due to its large size you can share it with other people if you want! ;)

Also, this can be use as a yoga blanket by rolling them up and used like bolster, folded and used as a meditation cushion or used regular blanket style as a cover to keep you warm in as chilly Savasana.


Your purchase supports the livelihood of this community and continuation of their rich traditions! 💫❤💚


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 1.9 m × 1.32 m/ 74" × 51.96"

Material: 60% acrylic and 40% polyester 


Product Care

  • Machine wash in gentle mode if possible 
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Tumble dry


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