Face Masks Leak- Proof Fabric Bundle 5/10 (Adults & Kids)

Face Masks Leak- Proof Fabric Bundle 5/10 (Adults & Kids)

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Handmade in Bogota, Colombia by a group of artisans that otherwise wouldn’t be able to get any income through these tough times. These face masks are made of a leak-proof material typically used to make reusable shopping bags. It has 3 layers and it can be hand wash up to 5 times. These work as a barrier for droplets and to improve public hygiene.

Note we have a smaller size for children available, so please select child size option to get for a kid (only available multicolors option). 

Disclaimer: not meant to replace medical-grade PPE'S!

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No mask is 100% effective, however, when worn properly, wearing a mask helps to reduce the spread of viruses. Never forget to combine the use of mask use with social distancing and regular hand washing. If you decide to reuse it, follow the recommended instructions bellow of the best care for this product.

Product care

-          Wash it by hand with warm water and soap

-          Air dry

-          If iron, use low temperature

* For your safety, please dispose and replace it when the product shows damage.

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* Watch video on how to use properly your mask!