Fair trade- direct trade with Wayuu artisans in La Guajira, Colombia

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Valentina Pinzon, owner of Indiarts Collective weating a beautiful red mochila bag and tringle beaded earrings. Chilling at a park in Vancouver.

What Other Customers Are Saying About us

I’m happy to have my beautiful mochila from Colombian IndiArts! I know their story, and how involved the owners are getting ethical products directly from Colombia, and supporting the local communities with so much passion. I just love the great job they are doing and how amazing their products are!

Ana Sofia Guzman- From Google reviews

I bought a wallet from them at Granville island last summer and I really liked it! great quality, functional design and good price. Also, I got to meet the company owners (they were at the company's booth at the outside market in front of the public market) and they seemed very passionate for what they do, as they said they feel that they can contribute to the economy of their home country Colombia from where they bring their products .

Ales Houser- From Google reviews

Outstanding support to indigenous communities in Colombia. Good job!

Carmen Quintero- From Google reviews

I purchased a beautiful purse called a mochila and it’s amazing! Ive been using it as a purse/diaper bag for my toddler and it fits everything. It also has held up to pulling, swinging and general rough behaviour.
Is a very versatile product, that is very well crafted.

Candace Schmidt- From Google Reviews

I've been purchasing at Indiarts for the past 3 Christmas and I recently bought a beautiful emerald earring for my wife and she loved it❤️
What I love the most about the Indiarts collection of clothes, purses and jewerly is the authenticity of the products; you will never find another product like yours if you buy it at Indiarts.. you will be unique!
And on top of the beauty, the uniqueness and the varieties, I also love the fact that Indiarts gave money from your purchase to charities☺️

Jeff Turcotte- From Google Reviews

Great products and great people, that is the best you can ask in a bussines as a customer.

Juan Manuel Barrera- From Google Reviews

In this age of rampant consumerism, I love the folk festival for its merchants who give artisans from developing countries and, often underprivileged life situations, a marketplace for their craftsmanship and arts.

Sarah Lewis- From Square receipts

I love Indiarts's products!!! For a very long time I dreamt of owning one of them. I love the fact that they are made by indigenous people and they have a meaningful story behind. They are incredibly durable and beautifully designed.
Every time that I am wearing my "mochila Wayuu" I feel so connected with mother earth; every single product represents for me the wisdom, beauty and complexity of Latin American craftsmanship.
By buying from Indiarts I feel that I am honoring the story of these ancient people. Thanks Valentina for bringing these awesome products to us over here in Canada.

Eileen Folch

Absolutely beautiful products, super friendly people, and a truly ethical company - I highly highly recommend Indiarts Collective!

Nicole Williamson