Meet Us

 "Our business mission is to empower South American artisans in disadvantaged areas"

Your support is truly appreciated! ❤️  

We are passionate about creating opportunities for artisans to use their skills to improve their communities, standard of living and future outcomes. 

Originally founded in 2016, Indiarts Collective offers unique, quality handmade products that support and share our artisans’ work and spreads awareness of each product’s history and significance.

We thrive by supporting artisan communities in Latin America to preserve their indigenous and traditional cultures. Traditions that get passed on from generation to generation and that rely on the artisanal industry to continue to succeed.

Our products, made by independent artisans or small family businesses in Colombia, Guatemala, Chile and Mexico, express the wisdom, beauty, uniqueness and richness of their makers,  and the complexity of Latin American culture and traditional craftsmanship. We are committed to increasing the number of artisans we work with and to create innovative and useful products to meet current and future market demands.

Our Social Responsibility Promise

Indiarts Collective is a mission driven company.  We aim to give the artisans a voice by showcasing their products,  their history and their talents to a global market. We also pride ourselves in making sure each person involved in our supply chain is treated fairly. Our artisans earn a fair income to support their communities and preserve their rich traditions. Our suppliers follow each country’s employment standards, guaranteeing the safety and health of our artisan partners. 

Interested in learning more about the story behind each of our products? Visit The Artisans section or check out our  Blog to get more insights on our partners, their culture and how your purchase helps make a positive impact in their communities. 


Let's empower and support South American artisans together!! 

Listen to our pitch at a competition organized by Latincouver in Vancouver to learn more about what we do, why we do it as well as of our future plans.