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"Our business mission is to empower South American artisans in disadvantaged areas"




We are passionate about creating opportunities for artisans to use their skills to improve their communities, standard of living and future outcomes.  Your support is truly appreciated! ❤️  

Colombian Indiarts was founded in 2016 by two friends and university classmates: Valentina Pinzon and Paola Perdomo. Our goal was to sell Colombian indigenous handcrafts and provide recognition and support to these indigenous artisans. On May, 2018 after a mutual agreement, Valentina became the sole-owner of what has become the Indiarts Collective.

The Indiarts Collective continues to work with Colombian artisans, but has evolved and expanded scope. We now also offer direct trade/fair trade products from Mexico and Guatemala and will keep expanding and involving more South American disadvantaged artisans. We aim to introduce South American handcrafts and culture by sharing artisans’ cultures with the rest of the world through our ethnic products which reflect the storytelling and culture of their makers. Further, we strive to provide a fair income for artisans, their families and communities to support their livelihood and continuation of their rich traditions expressed through their handmade creations.

How is it done?- Indiarts Collective sells direct trade, fair trade, handmade, artisan, authentic, unique, high quality, purses, jewelry and accessories made by independent artisans or small family businesses. Some products are designed in Vancouver, but, handcrafted by our suppliers. Our goal is to increase the number of artisans we work with and to create innovative and useful products to meet current and future market demands.

Social Impact- Provide economic support to the artisans we work with and to their communities by buying directly from the product makers and paying them their asking price. Indiarts Collective will keep respectful and transparent relationships with their artisans to create good working relationships that translate into products that keep up to global market demands.

Further, through educational content about our products and makers, we can share the artisans cultures and stories. By travelling and taking the time to interview the makers we learn about their experience and the traditions behind each of their products. The idea is to "give artisans a voice" and establish support and recognition to aid with the conservation of indigenous and traditional communities and cultures around the world.

Let's empower and support Global artisans together!! 

Listen to our pitch to learn more about what we do and why we do it as well as for future plans.


Want to learn about our artisans? Visit The Making sections on our website and our Blog which feature some of our artisans and their culture.