Sustainability Promise 🍃

Our ancestral commitment to our world: We have learned from our ancestors that the Earth is our center, and we must continue to honor, take care of it, and help it heal. 

Currently 80% of our products are created in a sustainable way and 20% of these are fully sustainable. These are our current sustainability practices:

1) Batch shipping, we gather all our products and ship them in a large box to make our footprint as low as possible

2) Use recycled paper for business cards and product tags

3) Minimize use of packaging and use paper and recycle materials for packaging

4) Offer well made, long-lasting products to reduce consumption

5) Since we use traditional techniques and equipment, there is not much waste in the manufacturing process.  

6) We use chrome free leather, byproduct of the meat industry

7) Made in small batches to lowered the chances of leftover inventory

8) We NEVER throw products away! We donate them to people in need. Damaged goods get fixed or donated

Honoring our ancestral commitment to our world: Our Sustainability Plans

We are committed to helping our earth and our artisans. This is why we have decided to take big steps towards becoming a more sustainable business. 

Our goal is simple: To make the best artisan-made, quality products without negatively impacting our earth. 

Although we currently have established sustainable practices within our production process, we want to and we will do more. 

Our sustainability goals are:

  • 2022: Increase the number of products that are crafted sustainably to 70% by Dec. 31st, 2022.
    • Finding a sustainable alternative to replace leather in our production process
    • Improving the production process by working directly with our artisan partners to help them streamline the product development phase 
    • Measuring our import carbon emission and developing a plan to make the shipping process more effective
  • 2025: Increase the number of sustainable products to 100% by Dec. 31st, 2025.
    • Work with our artisan partners to develop more eco-friendly processes that include exclusively utilizing natural dyes and natural fabrics as source or raw materials in the production process
    • Meet carbon emission goal set in 2022 
    • Extending the product lifecycle by offering product repairs