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Exploring the Rich Tradition of Cacao for the Arhuaco Indigenous People

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in ancient traditions and practices that connect us to our roots and offer profound insights into the human experience. One such tradition gaining attention is the ceremonial use of cacao, deeply rooted in the customs of various ancestral cultures across Central and South America.
Ancient spiritual medicine, ceremonial cacao, is crafted from the cacao bean, the seed found in the sweet fruit of the cacao tree. To create ceremonial-grade cacao, the beans undergo a fermentation process followed by sun-drying or light toasting. They are then de-husked, stone ground into a paste with nothing added or removed. This process preserves the bean's natural fat, which helps balance its stimulating properties and facilitates gradual absorption by the body.
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Our ceremonial graded cacao is directly sourced from the sacred mountain of the ‘Sierra Nevada’ in Colombia and it is grown by the Arhuaco indigenous community and blessed by the "mamos", which are the spiritual leaders of the community as being the most knowledgeable and connected members of the society to nature and  heavenly forces. Our cacao is organically grown alongside other sacred plants and with pure spiritual intentions using ancestral harvesting with full respect to Mother Earth (pachamama). 

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Ciudad perdida; lost city Colombia 


For thousands of years, cacao has been an important part of the spiritual life of the Arhuaco indigenous people. The Arhuaco consider Cacao as a sacred plant and  brain stimulant; it is believed to have been used to strengthen their visionary abilities while building sacred sites such as the remarkable Lost City. This is the drink for special occasions; especially in their religious and spiritual ceremonies. Owing to the powerful energy of the Sierra Nevada and its people, Arhuaco cacao is already considered among the best in the world!  

The Spiritual Significance of Ceremonial Cacao

Like for many ancestral cultures, the Arhuaco believe that the cacao is a gift from the gods, carrying potent spiritual properties; this is believed to open our capacity for introspection, clarity and to be able to see crucial visions. It has been used as a tool for healing, ceremony, and spiritual communion for centuries. The Arhuaco people continue to prepare and consume their ceremonial cacao with great care and reverence, with rituals surrounding its consumption that honor the plant and its sacred essence. Usually Arhuaco members will thank the cacao and listen music to immerse themselves into the experience and potent the connection with this plan medicine. Also, members chew Coca leaves during these ceremonies.

Respecting Ancestral Wisdom

As we delve into the practice of ceremonial cacao, it is essential to approach it with respect and humility, honoring the wisdom of the ancestral cultures from which it originates. This means acknowledging the cultural heritage of cacao, learning about its traditional uses, and practicing gratitude for the gifts it offers.

Ceremonial cacao provides a powerful opportunity to reconnect with ancient traditions, nourish our bodies, and deepen our spiritual understanding. By honoring the wisdom of ancestral cultures and embracing the sacred essence of cacao, we can tap into a profound source of healing and transformation in our modern lives. Whether participating in a formal ceremony or simply savoring a cup of hot cacao mindfully, let us cultivate reverence for this sacred plant and the ancient cultures that have revered it for millennia.


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