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Impact of COVID-19 in Indigenous Communities

Our Artisans Need us More Than Ever!

Our Wayuu artisans in La Guajira, Colombia have been very affected by the COVID-19 changes and challenges brought by this pandemic. Many people in developing countries, (including our artisans) live day to day; which means that if they don't work, they get no money and often won't afford necessities such as food and shelter.

The Colombian government recently imposed a mandatory quarantine which started on March 18th and it will go until April 13th (and possibly longer), which is a good idea for dealing with the current pandemic threat; however, they failed to consider street people or those that live day to day- how are they supposed to get by these days?. Ideally, a government should protect its citizens, but sadly this is not the case in Colombia and other developing countries.

Due to this situation, our artisans are really struggling as they can't sell much of their products these days as they usually sell them in the closest city: Riohacha where they can find clients. Since there is a quarantine, they are supposed to stay at home and they can't sell their handcrafts, which is their only source of income. They are soo desperate, that few of them stayed in the city trying to sell something... However, since most people are at home and their best clients (tourists) are not around, they can't sell much.

We wish more than anything to give extra support to our disadvantaged artisans during these tough times. Unfortunately, we are not in a financial situation to do it alone. For this reason, we came up with few options on how to fundraise money to send our artisans during these tough times.

Here are some ways how you can help us:

1) Get that item you have been considering to buy from us; we'll donate 20% of all sales to our artisans and 30% of all Wayuu Style. https://www.indiartscollective.com/

2) Buy a gift card! This won't expire and we'll donate 20% of all gift card sales. https://www.indiartscollective.com/products/gift-card

3) Donate to our GoFundMe campaign 100% proceeds will be donated to our artisans: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/covid-support-to-wayuu-and-embera-indigenous-communities-in-colombia

4) Share our GoFundMe Campaign (link above) so more change-makers can support our cause!

5) Referrals- if you know someone who could like our products, please send it our way.

PS: Checkout our Wayuu Collection this includes all our products that are 100% handmade by Wayuu artisans or using a Wayuu handwoven strap on it. 

Our compromise is to try to keep our artisans as busy as we can these days; but, we need to sell their products to be able to afford to buy more from them. The more we can sell, the more funds we'll collect and the more handcrafts we will continue buying from them. Check their amazing, symbolic & beautiful Wayuu bags (mochilas), straps and coin curses.
mochila bags in different patterns and colors

                     There is a mochila for every style and taste. Get yours!

Thank you for your continued support to our Wayuu artisans! 💖

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