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Colombian Traditional Hat (Sombrero Vueltiao)

Colombian Traditional Hat (Sombrero Vueltiao)

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This beautiful hat is called "sombrero vueltiado" or turned hat and it is Colombia’s national symbol. This hat is made out of a type of cane called "caña de Flecha" in Spanish or arrow cane. The word vueltiado is a Colombia regionalism from the northern Caribbean region basin that originates in the word for "turn" or "lap" and arose due to the way the hat is made. It is believed that the first hats were made by an indigenous group called Zenu 300 years ago.

The black design are elements of the Zenu's culture including lemons (rhombuses), passion fruit (triangles) into others; these shapes said a lot about the person that was wearing the hat since it was linked to their family and their culture.

Sombreros are a big part of the rural Colombian culture and the different festivals and carnivals around the country. There is a sombrero for everything, and they all look different.



Diameter (base of hat): approx. 11”/ 28 cm- we do have some slightly smaller than others. Note, the hat adjusts to the head and gets accustomed to the size of the owner easily.

Diameter: 5.9"/ 15 cm- It comes with a strap that can help to tighter it up a bit if necessary.

Arrow cane acrylic

*Note all sizes are approximate, as sombreros are handmade, they can have slightly different measures.



  • Cleaning this hat is easy, simply clean it with a wet cloth with soapy water
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Don’t compress it at any time since it can be molded easily