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Unisex Leather Bag Wayuu Design

Unisex Leather Bag Wayuu Design

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This unisex rectangular shaped bag uses the handmade cotton thread detailing made from the same type of fabric used to make mochilas as decoration and to make it unique. Being the perfect size to fit your laptop and all your essentials, this bag works as a reliable everyday companion. It has 2 zippered interior pockets and two outsides pockets for easy access to your belongings. Its adjustable strap allows you to fit you just how you need it! 

* Our leather is a byproduct of the animals raised for their meat and it is chrome-free.

 Dimensions: 36 cm (14.1") X 32 cm (12.5")


  • 100% leather & Cotton

 Product Care

  • To keep the leather looking fresh remove built-up dirt by wiping it down with a leather cleaner
  • Keep wear and tear at bay by giving your bag a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth every other day
  • Be gentle with me! Use a cloth dampened with water to lightly wipe down and clean the molas
  • Lay flat and air dry
  • Hang to storage it to avoid making the leather wrinkle


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