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Soapstone Dishes. Heart and circle shape

Soapstone Dishes. Heart and circle shape

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These dishes are beautiful and strong. These are perfect as small gifts and to add to stockings.

The soapstone artisans we work with live in the Kissi district in Kenya, and are world renowned for their exquisite soapstone pieces of art. Each piece is made with so much love. Starting first with the men who quarry the stone, with the most primitive tools, like machetes, to the women who sand and polish and paint every piece by hand. Each piece of soapstone passes through 8 people’s hands to form these beautiful pieces. Several women have HIV aids.

The sales of their art go towards antiretroviral drugs, which are so effective, they can live healthy lives and enjoy their grandchildren.
Thank you for bringing healing and transformation to these precious Kenyans.

Dimensions: 10 cm (3.93") x 10 cm (3.93") (height)