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Iraca Palm Bags- Eco-friendly Summer Bag

Iraca Palm Bags- Eco-friendly Summer Bag

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These Iraca palm bags are gorgeous 😍 and perfect to compliment any summer look. Entirely handmade in Usiacurí, a small town on the Atlantic coast of Colombia dedicated to handicrafts made from the Iraca palm. 

We work with a single mom that relays entirely on selling her handcrafts for her livelihood. We will bring soon some other products in Iraca palm, stay tuned! 😊⁣


Material: 100% Iraca Palm

*Rounded bag

Diameter: 22 cm (8.6")

Width: 8 cm (3")


*Rectangular bag

Length: 24 cm (9.44")

Height: 18 cm (7")

Width: 9 cm (3.5")