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Beaded Emberá Necklaces (long, medium & chokers)

Beaded Emberá Necklaces (long, medium & chokers)

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Our beaded jewellery is handmade by women from the Emberá indigenous community that lives in Mocoa, Colombia. Artisans use their traditional beading knowledge and great talent to needle-wove and hand-tread carefully each beaded piece.

In their culture,  every piece tells a story and talks about their relationship with Nature and its Cosmology. 

We co-design all our pieces with our artisans, offering exclusive necklaces.

Your purchase supports the ancestral work and cultural identity of the Emberá indigenous artisans of Colombia. 

Let's celebrate and appreciate Indigenous artisanship!


  • ceramic Czech beads.

Product care

  • Use a soft cotton cloth to polish your beaded pieces
  • To clean your beaded jewelry, use very mild soap and water solution and a soft toothbrush

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