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Indigenous Inspired Adjustable Rings

Indigenous Inspired Adjustable Rings

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Our rings are handcrafted by talented artisans in Colombia. Every ring design is inspired by indigenous cultures. 

These are hypoallergenic and adjustable! 


1) This "Bear" ring is inspired by the Kamentsä legend which consists of a bear that captures a girl and has her inside his cave. After some time they became friends and had a half bear/human baby. When the baby was old enough, he helped his mom escape from the cave and they scaped together.

Dimension: the ring is 1 cm/0.40" wide .

Material: Brass-based coated with 24 K gold.


2) The "Protective Corset" design represents the "chumbre" which is a protective corset for the women's womb. The woven pattern on this ring symbolizes ancestral and meaningful figures that have a great significance for the Inga-Kamentsä. This art craft is very important for this indigenous community and its preservation helps to continue their culture. The woven decoration is made with cotton thread by Inga-Kamentsä indigenous artisans from Putumayo, Colombia.

Dimension: the ring is 2.1 cm/0.83 wide.

Material: Brass-based coated with 24 K gold. 


3) "Jariana’ya" represents the first drawing Wayuu women learn when learning the art of crocheting. They use this skill to make mochila Wayuu bags, hammocks, clothing, and other useful pieces. This activity is crucial for the culture and economy of this indigenous group.

Dimension: the figure of the ring is 1.7 cm/ 0.67" x 2.6 cm/1" height. 

Material: Brass-based coated with silver.