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Palm Flower Earrings,  brass coated, eco-friendly

Palm Flower Earrings, brass coated, eco-friendly

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These beautiful and light palm earrings are handmade by artisans in Usiacurí, a small town on the Atlantic coast of Colombia dedicated to handicrafts made from the Iraca palm. These are made using a typical artisanal technique of the Colombian tradition: Iraqi weaving. This is made of iraca palm which is a natural fiber and the flower from an acrylic fabric.

The weaving process requires a lot of dedication and expert hands that result in this precious piece of craftsmanship.


Height: 8 cm (3.14”)

Width: 5 cm (1.96”)

Product Care

· To clean wipe down with a soft cloth and water

· If your piece required a deeper cleaning, let it soak for a few minutes in soapy water and rinse


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