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Sugarcane Fiber (caña flecha) Bracelets

Sugarcane Fiber (caña flecha) Bracelets

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Sugar cane is abundant in Colombia, for this reason there are many by-products from this including  beautiful jewelry such this one. The extraction of fibres from sugar cane is a difficult and long process.

The experts artisans making jewelry from sugarcane fibres are the people from the indigenous community of the Zenues that live in the department of Sucre and Cordoba in Colombia.

Your purchase helps us to keep supporting the Zenues indigenous community and their culture maintenance! 


  • Sugarcane straws
Product care
  • Keep them dry by keeping them away from damp, unventilated conditions
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun as this can result in change of color
  • To clean wipe down with a soft cloth and water

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