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Tree of Life Handmade Earrings- Brass Coated

Tree of Life Handmade Earrings- Brass Coated

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The Tree of life is a popular and universal symbol that represents multiple different things across various cultures and religions. 

Our Tree of Life earrings shares the power of this magnificent symbol with you!

This product is handmade by small family business in Bogota,  Colombia. 


Bead- resin, wires, seeds, color and tagua nut.

Hook- brass coated. 

A Connection to Everything: Represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. The roots of the tree dig deep and spread into the earth, thereby accepting nourishment from Mother Earth, and its branches reach up into the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon.  

Ancestry, Family, and Fertility: Symbolizes the connection to one’s family and ancestors. Its intricate network of branches represents how a family grows and expands throughout many generations. It also symbolizes fertility as it always finds a way to keep growing, through seeds or new saplings.

Strength: Universal symbol of strength and growth as they stand tall and strong all over the world. They spread their roots deep into the soil to the ground and stabilize themselves. Symbolizes a person's personal growth into a unique human being as different experiences shape them into who they are. 

Immortality and Rebirth: Symbol for rebirth as trees lose their leaves and seem to be dead during winter, but then new buds appear and new, fresh leaves unfurl during the spring. This represents the beginning of a new life and a fresh start.

Calmness: This serves as a reminder for the unique, calming feeling that one gets from trees.


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